When you come to the realization that your aging parent needs closer supervision and, sometimes, help with things that he or she never needed before, it is time to take an inventory of some key things. This article suggests some of the important things you can do to make your parent safer and happier.

Dealing with Loneliness. As people get older, there is a tendency toward more seclusion. Such isolation leads to loneliness, depression and ultimately poor mental function and health. By creating more chances for socialization, it can do wonders for both emotional and physical health. Encouraging social activities, maybe volunteering, or joining a club is the answer.

Keeping Them Active. Walking, light weight lifting, gardening, music assembling puzzles and family activities are all things that can help seniors maintain their physical and mental health. Of course, before starting any exercise regimen, it is important to check with a physician or physical therapist.

Prevent Falling. Falls among the elderly can be fatal. Not necessarily the fall itself, but the complications that arise from the results of the fall. Sometimes falls create permanent damage, long recuperative time and long hospital stays. Whether your loved one is living independently or with you, it is critical that you do a full assessment of situations that can result in a fall. Clutter, unaffixed rugs and electrical cords should be on the list.

Keep a Journal. To make conversations with those who manage the healthcare of your loved ones more productive, it is best to keep a journal of how your senior is doing. By making notes of any changes that are of concern and the questions you have about his or her treatment, medication or prescribed course of treatment.

Be as specific as possible including the time of day of specific incidents. The more precise details you have the better you can be in explaining issues to the healthcare professional and the better he or she will be in assisting your senior.

Know When You Need Help. The challenges of caring for an elderly loved one can be daunting. Getting professional support can be entirely appropriate. Sometimes someone has to spell you from the stresses of your responsibility. Supple Senior Care can be your source of support, whether for short periods of time or long term. We stand ready to help you as well as your loved one.

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